Why Treating Everyone Fairly Under the Law Is Important

Treating everyone fairly under the law is an important principle in our country. Our nation was built on the idea that all men and women are equal. If one person has something more than another person, that person is not above paying that person to gain that thing. This is what the law is based on. It says that one is entitled to an equal opportunity to receive something more than another person just because they were born.

In order to decide if someone is being treated fairly we must look at the situation objectively. We need to look at each side of the argument and decide for ourselves if we are being fair to each side. Treating everyone equally is not subjective, it is actually a mathematical certainty. If two people are being given a job offer, salary, or any other form of benefit or payment it is fair because both parties agree to it before the transaction goes through.

Some people feel that the law doesn’t require them to treat everyone fairly. There is nothing wrong with this philosophy. We live in a society where some people have been given advantages over other people just because they were born. Other people are being left out of the equation because they do not have the money or resources to allow their gender, race, religion, sexual preference, or even the country that they live in to determine who gets to access these things. Everyone is entitled to their own perspectives and anyone who feel that they are being treated unfairly is free to do so in a court of law.

Treating everyone equally is also necessary because if we do not treat all people fairly then we will end up with a population of individuals who feel like they are being left out because they did not participate in the same pool of wealth and opportunities as other people. This would create a sense of discontent and anger that would cause turmoil within our already unstable nation. Treating everyone fairly is necessary for healthy unity within our country.

If we truly believe in fairness and equality in every aspect of life then we must work to make sure that each and every individual are able to receive an equal amount of gifts and benefits. Government programs are available to assist people in America with this goal. However, it should be noted that every citizen of the United States is entitled to equal protection under the law regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, disability, age, or any other criterion.

Treating everyone fairly is the right thing to do and it should never come at a cost. If we are going to give someone a benefit or item that they deserve because they have been unable to obtain it elsewhere, then we have to give them a fair chance to achieve that goal. That fair treatment does not include forcing someone to be denied access to something because they do not have enough money to obtain it. Everyone deserves to have equal rights.

Why Treating Everyone Fairly Under the Law Is Important