Month: November 2020

Understanding Fair Housing Laws

Understanding Fair Housing Laws Fair housing discrimination in the US refers to the current and historic discriminatory practices, policies, and practices that prohibit equitable access to affordable housing. Over the past century, housing discrimination became even more severe as part of Jim Crow policies, which enforced racial discrimination. The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination based […]

What Is “Equity”?

“Equal opportunity” is a phrase used in many contexts to refer to the principle that all people are equal, with no discrimination or unjust treatment on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any other characteristic. Although there are different levels of equality across different types of interactions, it is the premise […]

Types of Housing Discrimination

Types of Housing Discrimination Housing discrimination is different from employment discrimination. Both are serious offenses that may result in financial, professional, and educational barriers. Housing discrimination refers to systematic patterns of unfair treatment that adversely affect an individual’s ability to purchase or rent housing. This disparate treatment on the housing market may be based on […]

The Office of Fair Housing

The Office of Fair Housing and equal opportunity housing are a regulatory agency in the United States Department of HUD. FHEO is the responsible agency for enforcing and administering federal fair housing laws, which ensure equal opportunities in the housing market. In a nutshell, the Office of Fair Housing is a Federal agency, whose objective […]