How it Feels to Be Discriminated Against

How it feels to be discriminated against can be a challenge for some people. Discrimination is never easy and I know this from my own experience. In my early twenties I suffered through discrimination, and in fact felt very depressed and lonely about it, as this was not normal. In fact, if I had been able to get my way, I would have been at work and I would have never gone out at night because of the risk that I might be attacked or harassed by the employees. At times I even feared for my safety.

How it feels to be discriminated against

The only way I was able to cope with this situation was to seek counselling. And I am glad I did. If I had not been properly helped and counselled, I would have continued to suffer from depression and stress all through my life.

However, although it is quite difficult to talk about discrimination and its effect on your feelings, it is important to acknowledge that discrimination does occur. We cannot avoid it, but we also can’t take it for granted. Sometimes, we are so used to experiencing certain situations that we do not even notice that they happen or that they are happening.

Of course, discrimination is very important because it gives each individual a reason to strive to make things better for the other person. It provides a motivation for people to do things which will benefit the other person. So if you are discriminated against, take it as a boost to your strength to fight discrimination. If you are not aware that you are discriminated against, don’t worry, you are not alone; it happens all the time.

But how it feels to be discriminated against depends on what the person has experienced and who he or she knows. Many people report feeling depressed and hopeless after experiencing some form of discrimination. This may be because they were not able to stand up to the discrimination and stand up for themselves. If this is the case, then try to understand that the reason for this depression is not because they have been discriminated against, it is because they know there is an option to take action if they wish to fight back.

Another thing that many people complain about when being discriminated against is that they feel that they were made fun of, or ridiculed in some way. Some people even claim that they were insulted in front of their colleagues, or employers. However, some people say that they have experienced very low wages in exchange for standing up for themselves. These stories about discrimination are very emotional and sometimes hard to talk about, especially if you are not really sure of what happened.

How it Feels to Be Discriminated Against