US Department of HUD – Foreclosure Rates

US Department of HUD

US Department of HUD – Foreclosure Rates

When it comes to HUD foreclosures, the numbers are out there and they look huge. Some states have even higher foreclosure rates than others. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has put together a list of the top ten states with the highest number of foreclosures in the country. It is interesting that the states in the west have the most foreclosures.

According to the Department of HUD, these are the top ten states with the largest number of foreclosures. The list of top ten states is based on a variety of data, including statistics, demographic information, and other information which may be found online. It also includes information on foreclosure auctions, bank owned properties, and REO properties.

In order to find out who owns a particular property that is listed for sale by a HUD foreclosure auction, a person will have to go to a HUD office and make an appointment. The office has lists of the homes on the auction block, so someone can see which ones are available. This information is not always complete, so a person will have to make the effort to call the number listed to see if someone can give them more information.

Most of the states with the largest number of foreclosures are located in the west and some in the Midwest. The top three states are Texas, Florida, and California. Of course, it could be argued that there is not enough data available in all states to rank them at the top ten positions, but these are the top states for most of the states.

The list does not include any states that are considered to be “under-recovery”recession proof.” So, if a state has been declared “recession proof,” but still has a high foreclosure rate, that state would not show up on the top ten lists for the number of foreclosures.

In terms of population, these top ten states have large populations and therefore would likely have large amounts of foreclosures to choose from. It will take some research to see how these factors can help a person in his search for a home.

One of the top states in terms of population is Texas. Many people have moved to Texas to find a good job and an affordable home to live in. Those who do decide to stay in Texas have many opportunities for employment, but they may also have a hard time finding a home to rent or purchase. Foreclosure rates have been increasing over the last few years.

Foreclosure rates in some states in the southwest are also increasing. It is possible that those states may also have the highest numbers of foreclosures in the country.

Foreclosure rates are certainly not a surprising statistic. They reflect the state’s economic health.

US Department of HUD – Foreclosure Rates