Treating Everyone Fairly Under the Law

Everyone has a right to practice his religion freely under the law. Religious freedom is very important to everyone and we should protect it. Unfortunately, our society in the US has created many laws which serve to prevent religious freedom from becoming a reality for the people. Our laws are discriminatory against many religions, especially those that do not conform to a specific set of beliefs or practices.

If the law says that a certain religion is a “cult”, then there are other persons’ views on that religion that can be considered cults. For example, Islam is viewed as a religion by the majority of the population, but many of these people are not allowed to practice their religion openly. They need to dress in certain ways or they face imprisonment. Therefore, this view is not a valid one. People have a right to practice their own religion under the law.

Some people who are practicing a different religion than the majority of the population are considered not to be living in America. If you are a Christian and you want to practice your religion openly in America, you can do so, but you have to make sure that you follow the law. Your beliefs will determine what it is that you can do in order to fulfill your rights. There are many Christian organizations and churches, but some cannot practice their faith at all. This is called a “cult.”

There are many different religions, including those of all the Abrahamic religions. These religions teach that there is a higher power that exists above the creator of the universe. The belief is that you cannot find the answers to your questions without consulting a deity or priest. Many people who do not believe in God, but worship the creator, are considered a cult by the majority of society. They are not allowed to practice their religion freely in society, and sometimes are forced into a situation that causes them to suffer in prison. The laws are discriminatory against these people and should be changed.

In the US, religion is not protected in all cases. Many religions have to be tolerated, and there is room for different types of beliefs, which are not considered “cult” based on the individual belief system. Some beliefs such as Hinduism, which teaches the importance of Brahma, are not considered as “cultishtrent”. by most of society. Christianity, and Islam, which teach their creator, are considering “cultishtrent”, because there is little room for dissent.

Christians are not allowed to practice their religion because of their views. However, Jews, and Muslims are not allowed to practice their religion because of their views.

Treating Everyone Fairly Under the Law