Equal Employment Opportunity – Treating Everyone Fairly Under the Law

What are the rights and benefits of treating everyone fairly under the law? The idea is that all individuals have the same legal rights. Those rights are called civil liberties. Civil liberties to protect our freedoms and rights such as: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, etc. Civil liberties are what are meant when it comes to human rights; not just individual rights.

Treating everyone fairly under the law

Under the law, treating everyone fairly means following the rules, laws, regulations, etc., to the letter. Treating others unfairly is not only morally wrong, but also considered to be in violation of the law. There is no gray area in this law.

Under our current society, people assume that they are entitled to an equal education, a fair wage, equal treatment in the workplace, etc. Because of this, many people feel that they are entitled to be treated unfairly. This unfair treatment usually comes in the form of discrimination or unequal treatment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC, is the body that oversees employment practices. There is a rather good history of enforcement of the law by the EEOC. They are very thorough when it comes to ensuring that all of America’s laws and rights are being protected equally.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when some companies seem to think that treating everyone equal simply means giving everyone an equal treatment. They will give a job to someone that has children of the same race, or another minority status. In addition to that, they will hire someone over someone with a disability and give them the lowest wage. Treating everyone fairly means that you cannot do things just so that you can get a job. You have to do things because you want to be a productive member of society.

As a result, we need to start applying the equal treatment principles that the EEOC teaches us. Everyone must be treated fairly no matter who they are, where they go, what they look like, or how much money they make. If that is not happening, then we should start applying the equal opportunity principles to hiring as well. Some employers will complain about the unfair treatment of one of their employees. But, if that employee wants to prove that they are being treated fairly, then they must go through the proper channels – which might include going to the EEOC, or filing a complaint.

The bottom line is that every person in America has the right to be treated fairly. If you are being treated unequally simply because you happen to be of a certain group, or religion, or gender, then you have to take your rightful place in the society. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling as though you are not being treated fairly. Everyone deserves a fair chance to play and be recognized for their talent. If you are not given that chance, then you have to take action – either by filing a complaint or by taking the necessary steps needed to prove that you are being treated fairly.

Equal Employment Opportunity – Treating Everyone Fairly Under the Law