Month: October 2020

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits

Employer discrimination is an illegal form of discrimination by employers against employees on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, disability, national origin, and sex. It is often found that the discrimination is often deliberate, as many employers will hire people who fit their demographic requirements and may not consider hiring those who […]

What Is Equal Opportunity?

Equal Opportunity is a concept that holds that all people deserve equal opportunity in society. However, the term ‘equitable distribution’ is often used as an alternative to the expression ‘equal opportunity’. It is not always clear what the distinction is between the terms. However, one common feature is that the expression ‘equitable distribution’ means a […]

The Importance of Reporting Discriminating Behavior

The Importance of Reporting Discriminatory Behaviour in today’s business environment, employers must be careful when it comes to dealing with complaints of employment discrimination against their employees as such, and therefore they should only hire a qualified team of highly trained and skilled professionals who are capable of handling such situations effectively. Below are the […]